Application Software Development with Graphical Dataflow programming.

Lawaflow is an online dataflow application software development platform targeting advanced application development for Industry 4.0, IoT and Embedded systems. It provides online graphical development of dataflow, event controlled real time applications using graphical software components and state of the art dataflow program execution.

Lawaflow Graphical Dataflow Programming

    * Lawaflow is aimed for application developers that needs a powerful yet easy to use tool to create targeted, real world and real time embedded and IoT applications.
    * Quickly develop, test and deploy application software for embedded, IoT, Industry 4.0
    * Using graphical components connected together by the flow of events and data, complicated programming is made easy and understandable.
    * Only a web browser is required to start to develop advanced applications for embedded platforms and real time systems running on bare metal or OS supported platform.
    * Ready to go run time systems supporting various platforms architectures lets you be up and running quickly with a minimum of hassle and setup.

Embedded Systems Development

Ready to go run time systems for many popular platforms as well as code generation for easy software integration with existing systems.


Internet of Things development

Integrated connectivity for Internet of Things supporting popular IoT platforms. Support for IP connectivity and short range communication.

IoT dev

Large Component Library

Lawaflow provides large libraries of ready software components. The user can also create their own macro components and reuse them.

Dataflow program execution

Program execution is controlled by the flow of events and data in the system providing easy to manage real time concurrent software control.

Graphical Programming

All editing and Lawaflow program development is done online and the ready code can be deployed on any supported device connected to the system.

IoT and Cloud connectivity

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Graphical Dataflow Programming

Lawaflow Visual Programming Lawaflow Visual Programming
Lawaflow Visual Programming Component

Create your own components

Lawaflow allows the user to create their own software components and integrate them to the users library for reuse and sharing with other users. Components can be created in code or as compund components besed on existing schematics.

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Lawaflow Embedded Platform deployment

Easily deploy programs to platforms

A Lawaflow program is easily deployed to the platforms that are connected to the system, either through Internet or local connectivity. The system can also generate executable code to be flashed to the terget.

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About Us

We are developers with a long experience of software and hardware development for many types of applications, industrial systems, communication platforms and home automation. We created Lawaflow as a tool to enable a rapid development of application software targeting the new demand for embedded products and IoT applications.

Avoid complicated system programming with traditional programming languages and use ready software components connected together by the flow of data and events. Lawaflow enables software development for the application developer.